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  1. Brainwavz Delta vs Other budget options
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        rich tan said...

        Interesting classification.

        Sony EX 1000 is your favorite. How about EX 1000 vs FX700 vx Fx500 vx FXT90 ?

        You have not tell us why Sony EX 1000 is your favorite.
        I owned the EX1000 & EX600. I found out that after buying the thicker cord for the EX1000 and fixed this on the EX600, the sound is very much improved.

        Good site.

        Please reply richtan@gmail.com


        Eswar Santhosh said...

        I never got around to reviewing EX-1000. Simply put, it is one IEM that makes me concentrate more on music than the shortcomings of the IEM itself. I just plug into source, insert into ears, enjoy music. It is not perfect, but it is refined.

        FX500 was supposed to be loaned by a friend. With him leaving abroad soon, I wonder if that review would ever come to fruition. I can try and write the EX-1000 vs FX700 someday though!

        Can't comment about the cable or EX-600 as I haven't tried either. At one stage, I wanted to buy the shorter RK-EX1000SP cable, but didn't go through with it.

        SwimSonny said...

        Just happened to be growing the net and come across this. I agree on the fact that the EX1000 is something hard to review due to IMO near perfection. I think when you get to its tier of IEMs you can only compare what it does differently to other top tiers.

        As for the comparison with FX500. Well they do not really compare. They have similar sub bass but more mid bass which is not was good in quality.

        The mids are miles worse and thin, wispy and recessed. The highs are similar in presence but the FX500 are much more harsh and piercing but both have similar liveliness and sparkle.

        The soundtsage is are both very open but i will say that the EX1000 is slightly wider with much better depth and a far superior presentation.

        The EX1000 is the quickest dynamic IEM i have come across and although i find the FX500 very, very fast it does not compete.

        If you want to find me PM me at swimsonny on head-fi or youtube.