March 28, 2012

Hisoundaudio RoCoo-P: A non-audiophile's take on an audiophile player


A couple of months ago, Hisoundaudio ran a promotional bidding process on Head-fi. I was part of the first 20 people to bid on RoCoo-P. In the spirit of full disclosure, it cost me ~ Rs. 4,500 for the player including shipping costs. I was not interested in writing a review at first. But then, Jack Fu agreed that I could take my own time to come up with a review. Like every one who agreed to review in that batch, I got the Live ear buds free (MSRP of $99). When you get such a generous offer - $99 ear bud and a $179 player for $90's worth, you usually don't stop to think about your complete lack of interest in writing reviews. To keep my promise, I have been trying to complete this review since Feb 1st week, but circumstances have not exactly worked in my favor. To take out all my frustration, I have worked all this week to make it as long and verbose as possible. May only the patient and paranoid survive till the end of this rant-cum-review because I've purposefully excluded summary or highlights.

Huge thanks also goes out to Anubhav on TechEnclave for loaning me his HM-601 and then forgetting about it. I secretly hope that his selective amnesia does not get cured.

Before getting into the review, I must say that I have better luck judging the signature of IEMs based on reviews than sources (DAPs / DACs). I think it may have to do with difference in reviewer bias as well as the gear used. So, I've tried to elaborate where I come from so that you understand the context in which I say something. This is also a bit different from my other reviews where I've held back myself to conform to a 2000-3000 word review format. I have tried to express my thoughts more here, so it's kind of an opinion piece than just a review.