August 24, 2011

Hifiman RE-272 Reviewed


First off, thanks to Hifiman for choosing me to be part of the review tour. Thanks also to mukulymn for loaning me his RE262 for an extended time.

But, the IEM couldn't have chosen a busier week to arrive. I could not spend as much time as I wanted with the review sample. I am not as half as gifted as many when it comes to writing descriptions and using appropriate terms. Usually, when I choose to write the occasional review, I go through different modes of comparison and periods of staying away from IEMs so that I can purge all that fragile memory and take a fresh perspective on the IEM (and ones in comparison). Since I did not have that luxury in a compressed time frame, I had to squeeze in as much comparison as I could and be satisfied with an 'on the surface' impression. But, that doesn't stop me from making this opinion piece lengthy. So, please remain patient while I take you on a long subjective, opinionated blabber.

August 6, 2011

Review: Sunrise Audio XCited


Thanks to Lend Me Ur Ears for the review sample.

Unusually, Sunrise Audio did not get my attention last year with their IEM (XCape v1), but with their ear buds, especially the AS-Charm. I am more an IEM addict than an ear bud enthusiast and hence did not buy any of them. Actually, at that time, I was least interested in XCape v1 (RE0 with case, warmth and bass? pass...). When my interest in XCape v1 finally piqued, it had been discontinued. With that curiosity about the sound of Sunrise IEMs still at the back of my mind, I could not pass up the opportunity, when a chance came up for reviewing one of Sunrise Audio's latest offerings, "XCited".