June 24, 2011

Head-Direct RE1: Revisited


Sometimes, you want to go back and look at the past - in this case, the reviews I did. One of the past reviews that caught my eye was that of RE1. Here's a review, which at that time was my first attempt to break off from one liner reviews and explore a bit on the 'wild side'. While I wouldn't dare say that I've honed the fine skills in the art of reviewing, I'll say I've learned a few more things compared to last year. I still have much to read, to learn and  to observe before I can even feel nice about my own reviews. That has not happened yet and may not, ever. But, it's a long path crossed from then to now. Let's see some highlights -

June 23, 2011

Quick Review: Monster Turbine and Nuforce NE-7m

First off thanks to haraakiri for arranging this loaner.

Monster Turbine


I was always intrigued by these Monster Turbine series IEMs, which unlike their ridiculously overpriced cables (or their fugly associations with celebrities like Justina) are well received in head-fi. So when an opportunity presented itself to try out Monster Turbine, their most basic version of the series, I accepted gladly. Little did I know that within that time constraint, I'd work on my monstrously (pun intended) long GR07 review or that most of my $50-100 IEMs would be out on loan. Instead of keeping the listening pleasure to myself, I thought I'd do a quick write-up with whatever limited resources (time, comparison IEMs) I've got. So, this is not a complete review, but just a quick listening impression based on the few hours I've managed to spend time with MT.

June 10, 2011

VSonic GR07: Exquisitely Balanced


In a self destructing way, I justify every IEM purchase with a rational reason. When GR07 appeared on the head-fi scene, my little IEM wearing red devil woke up and said "Let there be a stage monitor!" and there it was - after a few clicks at Lendmeurears and Paypal, I had the bulging large pack of VSonics at my door. Is the IEM devil right in destroying my finances to the tune of $155? The answer lies at the end of a wall of words (and I mean it - including comparison to 7 other IEMs, a little over 7,000 words).